Package net.sf.jse

Interface Summary
SyntaxConstraint Pattern Variable constraint on matching
SyntaxExpander The interface for all syntax expanders

Class Summary
BaseSyntaxConstraint Pattern Variable constraint on matching
BracesFragment Curly enclosed fragments
BracketsFragment Bracket enclosed fragments
CharacterFragment Character literal fragment
CommaFragment Comma separator fragment
CompoundFragment Fragment with multiple inside fragments
DotDotDotFragment Special ...
DotFragment Dot punctuation fragment
Expansion Fragment for result of template expansion
FloatFragment Float literal fragment
Fragment Mother of all Fragments
FragmentList List of fragments
FragmentListRef A way to call by reference FragmentList's
GrammarSyntaxConstraint Constraint expressible through nonterminals in Java grammar
IdentifierFragment Fragment representing Java identifier
IntegerFragment Fragment representing integer literal
JavaReservedWords Class to access reserve words from lexer
JavaTokenLexer Lexer which serves up a list of tokens specified during construction
JSE Java PreProcessor
LeafFragment Fragment that has only one token's worth of lexer information
List Good old proper Lisp lists
LiteralFragment Fragment that represents a Java literal
LooseFragmentParser Java PreProcessor parser/macro expander engine
MacroCall Fragment for marking macro calls
MacroExpander A class that controls macro expansion
NestedFragment A compound fragment with brackets
ParensFragment A paren nested fragment
PatternVariableFragment A pattern/template variable
PrettyStream A pseudo stream for pretty printing and remembering line number and whether output is at beginning of line
PunctuationFragment A leaf fragment representing Java punctuation tokens
QuestionExpressionFragment A nested fragment representing template code evaluation syntax ?(expression)
QuestionFragment A punctuation for question marks
SemicolonFragment A punctuation fragment representing a Java semicolon token
SeparatorFragment A punctuation fragment representing a Java separator token
SequenceFragment A compound fragment used to represent the value of pattern variable matching more than one fragment
SplicedPatternVariableFragment A pattern variable for name splicing e.g., ?name ## "-setter"
SplitList A way to return multiple values for two different points in a FragmentList
StringFragment A literal fragment representing Java string literals
Symbol Lisp symbols which are just interned strings
SyntaxRule A parsed representation of a syntaxSwitch rule
Template A #{ } nested fragment used for code quotes
UnhygienicNameFragment Represents a pattern variable for unhygienic variables

Exception Summary
ExpansionFailure Exception for any sort of expansion failure
SyntaxException Exception for any problem during syntax processing
SyntaxMatchFailure Exception for any problem during matching